The Marksmen site remixed

By May 11, 2011 Design No Comments is the online home of NYC based – Marksmen Guerrilla Production Network.

Strategic partners and frequent collaborators with TriAgency, together we have conceived of many of the media related concepts of the UPL1NK platform and interface.  Our development has been driven in response to the technology and website needs that they face as producers, artists, and djs.  

Their site now serves as a showcase of some of those most forward thinking elements. A relaunch and redesign via UPL1NK allowed us to dial in their online presence in some exciting ways.

The Marksmen Music Library is the first showcase of the powerful integration of UPL1NK with the Dot.Tunes platform.  This allows them to manage their media library directly in iTunes on their own computer, and display featured playlists of music and videos on their site in a powerful AJAX interface (playback is currently HTML5 only for this area.)

Their Portfolio page was created by entering their YouTube username into their account, and choosing to display all of their YouTube playlists.  This dynamically creates a powerful interface to showcase their videos.  The display automatically adjusts for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices to ensure visitors will always see their featured projects.

The In Focus blog allows them to quickly update the site with fresh news, and allows their visitors to subscribe to an RSS feed of new posts.

This same content powers the slideshow on their homepage, so as new posts are added, the homepage is updated as well.